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Our M&A services focus on a broader scope that include deal sourcing, preparation, transaction and execution phases.

We offer end-to-end M&A services for both sellers and acquirers.

Why you need a Sell-side advisor:

  • A sell side advisor helps sellers identify multiple potential buyers to secure the best deal for the seller.
  • Ensure right valuation for the company.
  • Shorten the time to exit
  • provides neutral expertise to help evaluate and mediate between varying opinions in the company’s leadership team

An experienced sell side advisor can help the company owner sort through a myriad of obstacles and challenges that commonly arise in the complexities of the sale process. Since the advisor is aware of the challenges, he can proactively mitigate the risks of potential issues that may arise in the sales process.

Why the owner or CEO should not lead the sales process

  • Current business leaders/owners should focus on the business and its continuity and growth, and should never deviate their attention towards sales process.
  • The CEO/owner usually emotionally involved in the business, and often make mistakes in judgments. During the sales process, the deal process has to be executed in a dispassionate manner.
  • There’s a potential risk that the buyers would understand the seller’s need, and they would try to take advantage of that situation.
  • When CEO leads the sales process, there's a potential risk that the buyer can influence the CEO offering them benefits which can create conflicts of interests.
  • "One of the most important jobs of the advisor is to protect the CEO/owner, to the maximum extent possible, from the incredible burden of the exit transaction process" (Peters).

Why use Cloverone?

Cloverone strives to achieve the best result for the client without compromising on confidentiality and timelines. We demonstrate a sense of urgency in client work. We believe preparation is the key to a successful transaction which will determine a company’s maximum valuation.

We provide comprehensive M&A services in all phases of the M&A process for the seller, ensuring successful execution.

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