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CFO Services

Our outsourced CFO Service can help owners, management and board members to solve financial management issues by providing unique insight and guidance. We provide organizations with experienced CFO level talents on an outsourced or part time basis at a fraction of a full time employee.

Our professional Chief Financial Officer (CFO):

  • Act as an effective organizational leader and a key member of senior management
  • Balance the responsibilities of stewardship with business partnership
  • Act as an integrator and navigator for the organization
  • Act as an effective leader of the finance and accounting function; and
  • Bring the professional qualities to the role in the organization

CFO Services:

  • Access to Expert Financial Advice on Strategic Business Finances
  • Finance Staff Assessment and Development
  • Support on financial reports and analysis and Supervision of Finance Function
  • Developing Financial Analysis and Planning Function of the company including KPI and Goal setting
  • Restructuring of existing financial systems and procedures as per business needs. This will not include drafting of actual business SOPs or post implementation reviews of the advised policies.
  • Providing management with insightful reports and analysis about the business. This will include following reports:
    • Review of Financial Statements - Monthly
    • Review of Financial Performance against Budgets - Monthly
    • Review of Operational KPI and pricing strategies - As required
    • Feasibility and Due Diligence on new projects - As required
    • New Contracts financial evaluation - As required
    • Review of any other reports on financial data - As required

(The above scope will not include any external audit services for any of the companies.)