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Information Memorandum

An IM, Information Memorandum, is a document provided by a company to prospective investors after the investors have reviewed a brief Investment Summary, or “teaser”, and signed a Confidentiality Agreement.

The primary mandate of an Information Memorandum is to motivate potential investment into your business. It includes items relating to the financial standing, assets and liabilities, business description, market position, clients, strategies and promotion methods, markets served, etc. of the company. In general, an IM allows the owners of a company to present a comprehensive, accurate, and attractive picture of a company.

An IM gives business owners the opportunity to clearly set out all relevant details pertaining to the company. It is imperative that the information is presented in an attractive, logical, and coherent way as it also reflects the companies’ professionalism, quality of management, and dedication to the sale.

A high-quality IM is critical when selling a company, it is in some ways the equivalent of a CV for candidates looking to get that next great job/role. It ensures a smooth transaction for it promotes transparency and minimizes unnecessary correspondence.

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