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Business dynamics in the region is changing and SMEs, Propriety Business Owners, and start-ups face challenges for growth in the current structure. CloverOne will identify visionary financial investors, who have the right vision and capability to enable such organizations to position them in the highly competitive marketplace. This will ensure them a scalable growth with higher competitive advantages against large businesses.

To work as a reliable value added Intermediary between Institutional investors & SMEs, Proprietary Businesses and Start-Ups.
Industry knowledge and transaction experience can make all the difference

There’s no substitute for an advisor who has the combination of in-depth knowledge of your industry and M&A tactics and strategies. If you’re anticipating selling your company or buying a business, our industry-focused professionals can provide invaluable insights. We have experience helping potential buyers and sellers

  • develop and formulate M&A strategies
  • identify, screen and initiate discussions with potential acquisition targets
  • structure and negotiate transactions
  • arrange acquisition financing

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